Implemented by:  People in Focus

Target area: Elementary school Kus, Comune of Kashar

Overall objective :

The project “ECO solar systems -Low cost solar panels” aims to exploit the great potential of solar energy in Albania, in an eficient and eco-friendly way.


The solar panels were realized with the special support of DRFPP n.4, including young people from categories in need that attend professional courses in this institution.

The beneficiary subject is Kus elementary school, in Kus village, Kashar.

The solar panels were produced using recyclable materials like aluminum cans. The collection of the cans was realized with the voluntary collaboration of some commercial entities, indirectly raising awareness of the staff and clients too.

This method of production of the solar panels aims to reduce the costs, making them more accessible to subjects/individuals who cannot afford the market prices.

The solar panels will improve the conditions of the teaching process in winter for the students of the Kus elementary school, creating an added value for the institution too.

The project aims to promote the use of alternative resources and also make them more efficient for the users.

Expected results

  1. Improvement of the physical conditions of the teaching process in winter and also giving an added value to the educational institution
  2. Education of the students and the community regarding solar energy and recycling
  3. Raising citizens’ awareness for the enviornmental safeguarding

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