Implemented by: People in Focus

Target area: Tirana, Durres and Shkodra

Duration: January – June 2021

Overall objective:

Empowering and strengthening youth role in countering violent extremism in Tirana, Shkodra and Durres moreover raising awareness among citizens in urban and rural areas.

Expected results:

– To inform youth about the phenomena of violent extremism and its effects

– Engage young people in awareness campaign to counter violent extremism

– Raise awareness among citizens on the risks of violent extremism and promote values and tolerance

– Spread positive messages against extremism speech

Target Group:

  • Young people from Tirana, Durres and Shkodra
  • Local communities
  • Citizens in urban and rural area
  • Vulnerable groups


This project is supported in the framework of the regional project “Communities First: Creation of a civil society hub to address issue of violent extremism – from prevention to reintegration” implemented by Forum MNE (Montenegro), Centre for Legal Civic Initiatives (Albania), Hope and Homes for Children BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Partners Kosova – Centre for Conflict Management (Kosovo), Centre for Common Ground (North Macedonia), and Cultural Centre DamaD (Serbia) which is funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.”


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